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Press & Exhibitions

2021- The opening of the 'Let Us Eat Cake' Virtual exhibition. An exhibition Slutmouth and Wildlamb curated. You can view the exhibition here.

2021- Interview with Lizzie Lovejoy for The Arc Podcast: A change in perspective. Episode 1: Women. You can listen to the interview here.

2021- Interview with Bobby Benjamin for Teeside Rising. Watch the interview here.

2020- Narc Magazine artist feature interview with Sophie Bell about rejecting societal taboos. Interview link here.

2020- Hartlepool Life Newspaper interview with Amie Slack.

2020- Sassify Zine- Instagram take over and interview about queer journey so far and quarantine. Story link here.

2020- BBC Tees- Interview with Graham Ramsay from Base Camp chatting about the venue and 'Charlene Mural'

2020- Narc Magazine featuring 'Charlene' Mural at Base Camp

2020- Teeside Gazette featuring 'Charlene' Mural at Base Camp.

2020- Picasso Baby online magazine- Featuring 'Frolic' Collage. Link here.

2020- Guy Cry Club- Online exhibition featuring 'Jesus is a Drag Queen'

2020- Interview with The Culture Vulture- Talking about my arts practice, creative journey, the brand name and my feminist journey

2020 - Sassify Zine Issue #7 Queer Heroes featuring 'Femme and Fierce' illustration & 'Luxury Cycle' textile piece.  Magazine available for purchase now.

2019- The Art of being Queer exhibition goes on tour. Venues and locations to be announced.

2019- NOWT SPECIAL 'Halloween exhibition' at The Tyne Bank Brewery.

2019- The Art of Being Queer 'Launch exhibition' at Pineapple Black gallery featuring 'Utter Filth' screen print, 'Where's It Gone' letter press and 'Luxury Cycle' textile piece.

2019- Wet Productions and Sad for Life Records 'warehouse exhibition party' at The Auxiliary Project Space featuring 'To Be A Woman' illustration, 'Utter Filth' screen print and 'Where's It Gone' letter press.

2019- Hot Blush Magazine issue 2 on Period Poverty featuring 'Luxury Cycle' textile piece.

2019- HART Lab - Ta Da! Exhibition featuring 'Don't Touch Me' illustration.

2019- The Northern School of Art 'Alumni Exhibition'. Featuring 'Jesus?' repeat textile print.

2019- Pineapple Black- 'Godfather Too' Exhibition featuring 'Ovareyes' lino print 'Don't Flush' lino print and 'How I See' textile piece.

2019- Sonic Sisters- Launch event exhibition featuring 16 different Slutmouth illustrations.

2018- RoRo Studio - Launch Exhibition 'Our Lasses' featuring 'Lady Garden' and 'Celestial Dawn' illustrations.

2018- Hun Issue #1 Launch exhibition and Zine Zine feature. Featuring 'Ovaries', 'Don't Flush' 'Nude Form' and 'Plastic Rock Pool' lino prints.

2018- Le Boutique Bazaar Trade Fair featuring multiple wearables, fashion and interior accessories for sale.

2017- New Designers London Trade fair featuring an extensive portfolio from the 'Too Define Is To Limit' collection.

2017-Northern Exposure Degree show featuring a final collection and portfolio from the 'Too Define Is To Limit' collection.

2016- Surtex New York Trade Show featuring selected pieces from the 'Off Beat' Collection.

2016- Premier Vision Paris featuring selected pieces from the 'Off Beat' Collection.

2016-Premier Vision Brussels featuring selected pieces from the 'Off Beat' Collection.

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