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Reworked and upcycled jazzy lilac skirt ladies size 16.


Lilac skirt, embellished with furry leopard print Ziggy lightening bolts, and pink sequin trim.

The skirt has a zip on the back and a split seam.

I have up-cycled second-hand/jackets going to landfil and gave them a new lease of life by giving them a full Slutmouth makeover.

Each piece is hand picked and lovingly re-worked to create a bold and fabulous statement piece. 


Some of the clothing has been rescued from going to landfil, but before that where created by shops that potentially use sweats shops within the creation process. 15% Of the sale from this jacket will be donated to 'No Sweat' for their Garment Workers Solidarity Fund.


I am happy to work on a pre existing clothing or provide you with a new piece, please message me to discuss your vision.

'Ziggy' Reworked lilac skirt size 16

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