This a3 digital print featuring a natural beautiful female amongst plants is available for digital download. I’m donating 100% of all profits from any purchase of this print made.  The chosen charity are the amazing people from The Rescue Collective who are working their arses off and protecting/rescuing and nursing the wonderful animals that have been caught in the fires.  I’m heartbroken by what’s happening in Australia and it is effecting the rest of the planet. We cannot bury our heads in the sand when a castatrophe like this is is destroying our home and if I can help in a small way with the added help from you.. hopefully small communal help will provide in a huge way. PLEASE SHARE! Id never usually ask that but this isn’t about me or my artwork it’s about getting funds to the poor animals and helping them get through this absolute nightmare. The prints come in just one size of A3 and is  high quality digital JPEG file. 

Through the looking grass.


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